Some people love to explore markets and have fun cooking at home, while others just want to take a break from the kitchen and keep it simple.

Note: you will find bread, butter, eggs, milk, tea, coffee and a bottle of wine in your cottage, ready for your arrival. There is a good selection of spices and you can help yourself from the herb garden in El Aguilón.

OUR WONDERFUL HOUSEkeeper, Toñi, is very happy to COOK FOR YOU at a cost of €12 per hour plus the cost of ingredients


Local food store: 'Alimentacion La Curva' (Bolonia)

Open daily 8 am-8pm

Well stocked for a small store. It even has an organic section with red quinoa!

Excellent German bread is delivered on Sundays and Thursdays, it runs out quickly.

Look for the delicious Alkansa beer in glass bottles.

Fruit and vegetable stall  ' Fruteria '

Open daily 8 am-8pm


During the summer months we buy all our fruit and vegetables from the 'grocery' stall on the turn to Bolonia Beach. Also good for local honey, olives, etc.


Our nearest food store 'Casa Camacho' - Facinas

Open in the morning ONLY from 9 am to 2 pm

Good for the basics. look for the 'Rodriguez' eggs in cardboard boxes 

Local butcher 'El Zorro' - Facinas   

Open in the morning ONLY from 9 am to 2 pm

El Zorro is a fabulous butcher in the centre of Facinas

Facinas Market - Tuesdays


The best place to buy fresh fruits and vegetables.

Cash Machine - Facinas

24 horas


'Mercadona' supermarket

Open Monday-Saturday 9 am-9pm

Excellent supermarket with everything from Maldon Salt Flakes to PG Tips and Beef Carpaccio. BB Tip: The 'Hacendado' gazpacho you'll find in clear bottles in the deli fridge at the back of the shop is just as good as homemade and without preservatives. Great to keep in the fridge for a quick lunch. You will find the entrance to the underground parking behind Mercadona. I've marked it on the map.

Bank with ATM

24 horas

Market - Tuesdays

9am - 2pm

Daily market - fish, meat and fruit

Daily 9am - 2pm

20 mins' drive Rate: Open 10.30am-2pm and 5.30pm-10.30pm   (closed on Sundays).


"Great assortment of Spanish wine, run by an Italian from Sardinia".


VINO Di'vino

excellent wine shop in Tarifa town

INFO@ELAGUILON.COM    General: +34 626 226 540 

reservations : ‭+44 7970 813364